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February 23rd 2022

Montreal Digital Spring publishes its manifesto

Montreal Digital Spring publishes its manifesto


The current health crisis that we’re going through resonates in all spheres of our society and economies. It has profoundly changed us. From organizations and companies that have radically changed their business patterns, to the profound transformations that the world of work has undergone, to the youth who have adapted to new forms of learning, each of us has had to find our place in this form of chaos.

Whatever our collective relationship to these upheavals, we know that the world of technology is now part of the answer, provided that we are collectively committed to an open, inclusive and unifying approach that places ideas, individuals and organizations at the heart of this transition.

A transition that we carry within our communities, our industries and our businesses in the form of collective knowledge that places Montreal and Quebec at the forefront of digital intelligence, and this, in a united and sustainable manner.

For Montreal Digital Spring, digital intelligence defines our collective ability to express, use and enhance knowledge and literacy across all communities and industries. This is the vision that drives our organization and is embodied in our strategic plan for the future.

Guillaume Aniorté
President of of the Board of Directors

Mehdi Benboubakeur


The Montreal Digital Spring Manifesto is an invitation to come together and rediscover our sense of community.

We invite you to discover it and share your comments with us.



Montreal Digital Spring works to ensure that our communities, our organizations and our territories collectively benefit from the potential of technology. We seek to promote the development and economic influence of digital industries.

We aim to break down barriers by stimulating the cross-pollination of ideas. We act to encourage the civic participation of young people so that they become agents of change for their own future.

Everything we do, we do to advance and spread digital intelligence across all our activities.

Present for nearly 8 years on the local and international scene, Montreal Digital Spring was born from the desire of several Montreal communities to benefit from the potential of technology and to celebrate the advances made by the actors of the digital revolution.

We aim to create a lasting impact on our ability as a society to collectively benefit from the wealth of digital intelligence.

In this sense, we promote meetings and exchanges between individuals, organizations and industrial actors from various communities.

Through Montreal Digital Spring’s actions, digital technology is becoming more democratic and its progression is accelerating, allowing as many people as possible to benefit from it, while enhancing the influence and vitality of local businesses and organizations.

Our actions within remote communities and First Nations people also lead us to be part of those who build a digitally equitable world.


We are aware that without a collective vision based on the common good, this profound transformation generated by digital technology can create an ever-widening gap within our communities.

For us, technological advances must be part of an inclusive, egalitarian and environmentally responsible approach.

This is why Montreal Digital Spring promotes an approach that embraces accessibility and inclusion.

Our interventions aim to reduce the divide between digitally advanced realities and those on the margins of digital transformation.

One of our objectives for 2022-2024 is to put digital intelligence at the service of all of society, especially young people, communities, organizations, institutions and businesses located on the periphery of the ongoing transformation.


Our privileged position in the digital ecosystems and our understanding of the transformations underway allow us to develop our 2022-2024 strategic plan.

This manifesto is our compass for the coming years and puts forward the vision of a just world, both socially and environmentally, which can only be built collectively and by taking into account the plurality of voices that make it up.

Over the next three years, we will focus our efforts on:
  • Making digital potential accessible to people, communities and organizations living on the digital periphery;
  • Promoting the development and economic influence of digital industries;
  • Reducing the digital divide, by increasing the number and diversity of individuals who choose to pursue careers in digital professions, by accelerating the digital transition of organizations;
  • Stimulating innovation in digital industries by promoting their potential and facilitating their outreach;
  • Promoting the cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge by creating a decompartmentalization of exchanges between organizations interested in digital technology.



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