1. January 1st to December 31st 2021
    Youth / Family
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Latest news from the Montreal digital creativity ecosystem.


Montreal Digital Spring develops projects throughout the year to support the development of digital creation and creativity while facilitating interactions and collaborations between the various of the ecosystem and a better understanding of the issues at stake with digital transformation.

  1. MTL connect 2021: Montreal Digital Week

    12th to October 17th 2021Details
  2. MTL connect 2020: Digital Week

    13th to October 18th 2020Details
  3. Jeunesses QC 2030

    Youth QC 2030

    September 21st 2021Details
  4. #intersections VOL.12

    October 14th 2020Details
  5. ISEA2020 Montreal

    13th to October 18th 2020Details
  6. #intersections VOL.11

    October 23rd 2019Details

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