1. MTL connect 2020: Digital Week

    19th to May 24th 2020Details
  2. ISEA2020 Montreal

    19th to May 24th 2020Details
  3. #intersections VOL.11

    October 23rd 2019Details
  4. MTL connect: Digital Week

    May 25th to June 2nd 2019Details
  5. Jeunesses QC 2030

    Youth QC 2030

    September 22nd 2019Details
  6. #intersections VOL.10

    March 7th 2019Details
Past editions
  1. #Intersections VOL.9

    November 27th 2018Details
  2. #intersections VOL.8

    May 14th 2018Details
  3. #Intersections7

    #intersections VOL.7

    March 15th 2018Details
  4. Montréal I.A.

    Montreal A.I.

    March 22nd 2018Details
  5. #Intersection6

    #intersections VOL.6

    November 21st 2017Details
  6. #intersections5

    #intersections VOL.5

    June 6th 2017Details
  7. Solstice17

    SOLSTICE17 – The digital night

    June 21st 2017Details
  8. HackCite375

    HackCité 375

    May 24th to June 21st 2017Details
  9. GameJamBattle

    Game Jam Battle 2017

    26th to May 28th 2017Details