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July 16th 2021

#intersections X Webinars Tech

#intersections X Webinars Tech

For this new edition of #intersections, we propose to discuss subjects related to the topics that will be presented during MTL connect.


3 of the 9 topics will be highlighted in 4 online #intersections:

  • Future of Work: The pandemic has disrupted the work environment and accelerated its transformation while also greatly changing its relational aspects. What is the state of play and what are the lessons to be learned? What changes are to be expected in the workplace? How can digital technology help us in this transition?
  • Sustainable Development: Digital technology now makes it possible to better design ecological policies, to measure pollution and climate change. Yet, although invisible to the naked eye, digital pollution is very real. How can technological innovations help us create environmentally and socially responsible prosperity?
  • City of the Future: The city is undergoing a metamorphosis. The pandemic has exacerbated the challenges it faces. Whether in terms of habitability, mobility, culture, infrastructures, or economic development. How can we learn from the past to face tomorrow’s challenges? How can technology help meet these challenges?


4 events not to be missed

August 5, 1:30 pm: Comment développer ses compétences technologiques ?
– Topics MTL connect: Martech – Future of Work
– Guests:
  • Carl Durocher : CEO – Agence GRO
  • David Grégoire : CEO –
  • Olivier Lambert : CEO – La tranchée
  • François Sauro : CEO – Improov
August 19, 1:30 pm: Beyond Good
– Topic MTL connect: Sustainable Development
– Guests:
  • Theodora Lau : Co-founder of Unconventional Ventures and co-author of Beyond Good
  • Bradley Leimer : Co-founder of Unconventional Ventures and co-author of Beyond Good
September 9, 1:30 pm: L’avenir des espaces de travail 
– Topics MTL connecte: Future of Work – City of the Future
– Guest:
  • Mélanie Boivin : Interior Design Director – ADHOC Architectes
September 28, 1:30 pm: Se préparer à un événement hybride
– Trucs et astuces: Se préparer à un événement hybride
– Guests:
  • Walid Bengeloune : CEO – Swapcard
  • Joannie Bergeron : Producer and Founder – Immersive Production


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