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August 9th 2019

How to reinvent the user experience with technology?

How to reinvent the user experience with technology?

During #intersections VOL.11 on October 23, 2019 at Rialto Theatre, Montreal Digital Spring will address the potential and challenges of the user experience, through a panel discussion of various sectors of digital creativity, combined with an innovative concert featuring more than 40 musicians from the Orchestre21.

UX or User Experience is the main issue for designers at the moment. At the beginning, the concept seemed to be more specifically related to the digital sector, referring to the experience of a user when interacting with an interface or a device. But the desire to create an unforgettable and positive experience leads creators in all industries in a whirlwind in order to optimize sensations, on the user side, and processes, on the technological side.

In search of increasingly bold designs, it will become imperative to constantly update our understanding of human behaviour and needs. But how far can we go? And what is the role of technology?

#intersections VOL.11 offers you a live user experience with a concert by the Orchestre21. Thanks to an extraordinary partnership, a conductor and a software engineering expert have teamed up to create unique works inspired by modern orchestral compositions, based on the gestural of the conductor wearing a jacket with sensors. The performance will transport the audience into a world of light effects and projections.


✔ #intersections UX: PART ONE

The event will begin with a live experience: the Orchestre21 conducted by Paolo Bellomia, dressed in a sensor-equipped jacket, will transport you into an immersion, a world full of visual effects and projections. Pieces played:

  • Cendres, Luc Marcel
  • Concerto for flute, Jacques Hétu


Montreal Digital Spring will then bring together a panel of experts from various sectors of digital creativity to open the debate: How to reinvent the user experience with technology?

The discussion panel will be moderated by Nadia Seraiocco, Techno columnist at ICI Première, moderator and speaker, with:

✔ #intersections UX: PART TWO

The discussion panel will be followed by the second part of the live user experience with the Orchestre21. Pieces played:

  • Bartok piano concerto no. 1
  • Hindemith: Mathis der Maler Symphony

Wednesday, October 23, 2019, [email protected]

Rialto Theatre
5723 Park Avenue
Montreal, QC H2V 4H2

Early-bird rate: $25
Regular: $40
Student*: $15
*Upon presentation of the valid student card required at the entrance to the theatre.


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