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February 15th 2019

Montreal Digital Week: call for speakers

Montreal Digital Week: call for speakers

Montreal, February 15, 2019 ― Montreal Digital Spring is launching a call for speakers as part of the first edition of <MTL> connect: Digital Week, a new annual event to be held from May 25th to June 2nd, 2019.

This international event aims to look across the board at the main questions related to digital development, focusing on its economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts in various sectors of activity.

In collaboration of many partners, the Montreal Digital Week will address 5 specific themes related to digital transformations:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Health
  • Cultural and creative industries
  • Architecture and building
  • Transport and mobility

Each theme will be covered over one day in a specific pavilion.

Montreal Digital Week aims to support organizations and various sectors in their digital transformation process and to promote digital innovations at the local, national and international levels. This event will also contribute to facilitate the transfer of expertise between different ecosystems and encourage the cross-fertilization of knowledge.


Montreal Digital Spring is calling for speakers to participate in the panels and conferences of <MTL> connect: Digital Week. These activities are aimed to help participants better understand the challenges and issues at stake in the new digital world, and better anticipate the future trends.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a creative, a developer, a specialist in digital and technological tools, involved in digital research, currently redesigning your environment to adapt to the digital transformation, or even developing new ideas on the uses and impacts of the digital in your sector, we invite you to submit your application.

To complete an application, the following documents and information are required:

  • A short text presenting:
  • your profile
  • your environment (organization, company, research and education…)
  • topic(s) you would like to address as part of your intervention
  • A biography focusing on your professional background
  • A high-resolution photo
  • if available, a video or any document (conference, PPT, article…) presenting one of your past conferences, or any other media that could help evaluate your expertise on the topic and offer an overview of your stage presence.

Note: if you are willing to submit an application for different themes, we ask you to submit separate applications.

All profiles are welcome. Please note that no purely commercial applications will be accepted.


Several topics will be proposed in connection with our 5 pavilions: Health, Artificial Intelligence, Architecture and Building, Creative and Cultural Industries, Transport and Mobility.

Check out the panel topics and submit your application at: [email protected]


Those interested in participating in <MTL> connect: Digital Week
are invited to send their application by Sunday, March 24, 2019, before midnight at: [email protected]

For those selected, the important information regarding their participation (transportation, schedules, etc.) will be communicated shortly after.


All applications will be considered. The selection committee will make its final decision based on the relevance and quality of the proposed topic.

The selection committee is composed of the members of the standing committee and 5 other members, experts in the different themes covered in each pavilion.

The committee will evaluate the applications in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Diversity of profiles: in order to foster constructive debates, the committee will select projects combining a diversity of profiles – companies, organizations and experts – and known for their innovative approaches;
  • Innovative and inspiring projects that can be showcased as examples or cases studies during the panels;
  • Emerging organizations and startups are encouraged to send their application to shed light on new knowledge and innovative approaches;
  • International, Quebec and Montreal actors are invited to submit their application to foster international exchanges and partnerships within the Montreal scene;
  • Organizations that support the integration of youth and women and the development of projects and tools aimed to be accessible to all communities and audiences;
  • Profiles including a sustainable approach in their research and/or proposing sustainable solutions for the environment.

The Montreal Digital Spring team thanks you all for your interest and is looking forward to experiencing this first Montreal Digital Week with you!

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