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January 22nd 2024

5th anniversary edition of the Digital Youth Month Digital: a world of possibilities!

5th anniversary edition of the Digital Youth Month  Digital: a world of possibilities!

Montreal, January 22, 2024 – Digital Youth Month (DYM) is back for a festive 5th edition from February 1 to March 8, 2024. Under the theme “TOGETHER FOR EQUITABLE ACCESS”, young people under the age of 35 will once again be able to discover Quebec initiatives for learning about the possibilities of digital technology. Activities are scheduled on the MNJ.QUEBEC website (shows, gaming, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, etc.)!

The website also offers a variety of digital resources to help you explore the studies and careers of tomorrow, develop your creativity, find out about digital issues and experiment with new technologies.



Access to the knowledge needed to develop digital skills must be guaranteed for all! That’s why the main theme for 2024 is “Together for equitable access”. Today, being “connected” is no longer limited to access to computer hardware; young people need to master the codes of digital culture. The Digital Youth Month awareness-raising campaign will help demystify certain topical issues that can have a major impact on their future. By improving their level of knowledge, young people will find it easier to develop their technical skills and adopt responsible, ethical habits. It also increases their chances of accessing future employment.

“Together for equitable access – that’s the credo of Montreal Digital Spring (PN). Our ambition? To guarantee equal opportunities by democratizing access to new technologies and equipping young people with the skills they need to fully exploit their resources. The collective effort and active participation of young people are essential to realizing this vision,” explains Mehdi Benboubakeur, General manager of Montreal Digital Spring (PN), the organization behind the event.

To provide young people and their surroundings with the tools they need, Montreal Digital Spring (PN), in collaboration with Télé-Québec en classe is launching Season 2 of the “Empreinte numérique” podcast *. Eight teens and three experts engage in conversations with hosts Douaa Kachache and Tom-Éliot Girard to deconstruct preconceived ideas and stay informed on important and current topics. Three new episodes starting February 1st, for young and not-so-young alike!

* The podcast is available in French only.

Teenagers express themselves, and experts inform us about important and current topics:

Algorithms: In 2018, the YouTube’s product chief says during a panel that 70% of views on YouTube come from the recommendation engine. Jonathan Martineau, a professor at Concordia, emphasizes the importance of learning to “train our algorithms” by staying active. For example, one can conduct searches or indicate when a video is not of interest!

Digital sobriety: Claudine Auger-St-Onge from Lab 22 teaches us, among other things, that 40% of the environmental footprint of digital devices comes from their production. She also suggests several solutions to improve our daily habits and reduce our footprint.

Artificial Intelligence: According to a new study by KPMG in Canada, 1 in 5 Canadians uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools in their work or studies. Ravy Por, founder of the organization “Héros de chez nous“, encourages us to reflect on our relationship with this new tool. “Humans must remain at the heart of AI […] You can shape your future career based on what you love!”


Season 2 starting February 1st on and also Spotify.


Activities offered to schools and the general public!

Montreal Digital Spring (PN), the event initiator, will also offer its activities as part of the program, including virtual Digital Cafés for high school groups. The team will also be present at the Grande-Place of the Desjardins Complex from February 17 to 24 to introduce young people and their families to immersive 360˚ dome technology, careers, and digital issues.

Schools are invited to register to reserve a workshop in the classroom or a visit to the Desjardins Complex using the Digital Cafés Registration Form.

Montreal Digital Spring (PN) would like to thank the organizing committee of Digital Youth Month:

– 30 –

Leticia Lacroix, Director – Digital Literacy Projects
Montreal Digital Spring (Printemps numérique)
[email protected]


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