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18 mai 2017

intersections vol.4 : The digital creativity + social impact

intersections vol.4 : The digital creativity + social impact

Digital creativity provides a significant lever to develop solutions that address the most pressing social and environmental issues. Whether we talk about access to education, to health services, climate change or civic engagement, the digital is everywhere. The digital is used both as a communication tool to raise awareness about these issues and as a practical instrument to put these solutions into practice.

The Digital Spring held the 4th volume of the intersections series at the Canadian Center for Architecture (CCA) under the theme “digital creativity & social impact : How to change the world with the digital?” For the occasion, we had four panelists talking about their projects.

David Usher—Human Impact Lab

The Human Impact Lab at Concordia University is a creative studio focused on climate change and the development of climate clock.

The Lab works at the intersection of art, technology and data. It engages artists, designers, game developers, scientists and interactive programmers to visualize solutions to big data social impact problems, mainly in the environment department.

“The world is changing. Technology is changing. Storytelling is changing.”

Climate change

Audra Renyi – worldwide Hearing

1.3 billion people in the world suffer from hearing loss. 80% of them live in low and middle-income countries, where hearing care is inaccessible. Worldwide Hearing is a non-profit organization that provides access to affordable hearing aids to children and youth in developing countries. They connect people to the world through better hearing.

Evelyne Drouin/Dj Mini – Genie Mob

Evelyne Drouin also knows as Dj Mini is a sound and multimedia artist who has made several projects and tours. Furthermore, she’s carrying out plans with great deployment reunites technology and art like Genie Mob.

This project conceptualizes workshops combining new technologies and culture with different contents. She adapts to the workshops according to the level of skill of the young people, to guide her in the process of their creations.

Cassie Rhéaume – Ladies Learning Code

Ladies Learning Code is a non-for-profit organization with a mission to become the leading resource for women and youth to become passionate builders of technology. The organization wants them to learn technical skills in a hands-on, social and collaborative way.

More projects mixing digital and social projects will emerge in the next few years.

PS: – : The 5th volume of the series intersections will take place on June 6th under the theme of Industry 4.0 at the Canadian Center for Architecture (CCA).

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