Understanding and developing Montréal’s digital creativity ecosystem: a lever for local development and the city’s international influence.

Comprendre et valoriser l’écosystème montréalais de la créativité numérique : un levier pour le développement local et le rayonnement international de la métropole

Study only available in French

Montreal Digital Spring benefits from a unique position within the ecosystem, as a window to the Montreal creative know-how. From this position, we realized the importance of mapping the current ecosystem in order to grasp its extent and identify the necessary conditions to support its expansion.

The study presented here was conducted by Eva Quintas in the Spring of 2016 with the support of MITACS acceleration program and two professors from HEC Montreal, Laurent Simon and Serge Poisson-de Haro. Artist and arts management consultant, Eva Quinta is the co-founder and vice president of the digital arts center Agence TOPO.

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