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April 15th 2024

MTL connect 2024: France honored in Montreal

MTL connect 2024: France honored in Montreal

Montreal, April 9, 2024 — Printemps numérique (Montreal Digital Spring) is proud to announce that France will be the guest of honor at the 6th edition of MTL connect: Montreal Digital Week, taking place from October 15th to 18th, 2024. This decision is motivated by the relationships forged over the years with various French digital institutions and actors. The edition will also be marked by the launch of a new partnership with the Centre Jacques Cartier.

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We are delighted to see France honored at the 6th edition of MTL connect, once again emphasizing the rich collaborations between France and Québec. By continuing our partnership with Printemps numérique, we aim to showcase French creativity and expertise while reinforcing the valuable cultural bonds between the two regions. This collaboration with Printemps numérique reflects our joint commitment to responsible and Francophone digital development, resonating with our era’s challenges such as the emergence of AI and the imperatives of climate change. Together, we are striving for the digital sovereignty of Francophone cultural actors, recognizing the necessity to preserve and promote the diversity of cultural content in French, both in France and Québec. We jointly celebrate the richness of digital creativity and encourage international collaboration within this dynamic ecosystem.” – Éric LAMOUREUX, Consul general of France in Quebec.


Reliable partnerships

Among the close ties woven with France, Printemps numérique mentions the special relationship with the Nantes ecosystem. A relationship that has endured for several years and has seen the signing of several agreements, the completion of numerous projects, the creation of a manifesto on desirable digital practices, and the promotion of a joint declaration for ethical AI.




Since 2018, the partnership between the Congress Centre of Nantes and Printemps numérique has asserted itself and grown. By developing a cross-cutting perspective between the two events, Nantes Digital Week and MTL connect, our two cities affirm their shared values, namely a humanistic, ethical, social, and ecological approach to digital technology. Additionally, there is a shared desire to learn, discover alternative practices, and collectively address the significant challenges of the digital era. We are proud to foster mutual inspiration among actors from Nantes and Montreal, spanning various ages and backgrounds, including businesses, associations, and students, through this partnership. – Francky Trichet, Vice-President of Nantes Métropole, Innovation, Digital and International Relations. – Francky TRICHET, Vice-President of Nantes Métropole, Innovation, Digital and International Relations.


The launch of a great new partnership

As part of this edition, Printemps numérique is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the Centre Jacques Cartier, celebrating its 40th anniversary. This will be a unique opportunity to connect the ecosystems of both territories and highlight the already strong ties between the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and Québec.
Over the past 40 years, the Centre Jacques Cartier has forged connections between the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and Québec with a constant focus on linking communities to create enduring partnerships. Therefore, we are enthusiastic about collaborating this year with Printemps numérique to nurture relationships between our ecosystems, fostering mutual inspiration and collaboration among digital stakeholders from both regions. We are delighted this year, marking the first occasion, to facilitate synergies between MTL connect and our annual event, the Entretiens Jacques Cartier 2024, scheduled to take place in Québec from October 16th to 18th. This endeavor aims to promote cross-pollination, economic, cultural, and institutional partnerships, and to contribute to the advancement of digital challenges in the Francophone sphere. – Amandine BRESSELLE, Executive Director, Centre Jacques Cartier.


Shared Expertise

MTL connect will continue to serve as a platform for transatlantic perspectives, fostering fruitful exchanges between representatives and officials from Québec and France, such as those that have taken place with Le Havre, Chambéry, Rennes, and the Grand Est region in previous editions. This will be an opportunity to promote enriching interactions, similar to those held between the directors of AI expertise centers in Paris and Montreal on the future of artificial intelligence.


Joint priorities

The 2024 edition will also be an opportunity to continue the partnership with Le Monde newspaper and to highlight important issues within the Francophonie, such as the discoverability of Francophone cultural content.

Printemps numérique will thus continue its exchanges and collaborations with essential partners for the success of MTL connect and which contribute to the development of Franco-Quebec cooperation: the Consulate General of France in Quebec; the Consulate General of France in Montreal; Business France; the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Canada; the Franco-Québec Youth Office (OFQJ); Nantes Métropole; Nantes Saint-Nazaire Development; the Nantes Congress Center; the Ministry of Culture of France; the Government of Quebec, and other organizations that are dedicated to strengthen the relationship between Québec and France.


Printemps numérique invites you to join these organizations from October 15th to 18th, 2024, for an unforgettable cultural and technological experience, celebrating France’s exceptional contributions and the spirit of innovation characterizing MTL connect.

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